In the play Hamlet, the issue about the Yoric’s skull, or even the words said are known by the people, who have not read the play before, and do not know anything about the use of language that Shakespeare has. In that sense, I just make a little note about what does this skull mean throughout the play, and its importance in the speech of Hamlet. Hamlet firstly discovers that skull in the first scene of act five, in the graveyard, and starts to speak to it about death, its inevitability, and the disintegration of the body. “Get you to my lady’s chamber, and tell her, let her paint an inch thick, to this favor she must come—no one can avoid death” (v.i.178-179). More than being specific about the inevitability of death, he also makes a statement, reffering to all humans. He brings the idea that every single body on earth would eventually decay, and everyone would be death at some point. He strengthens the point that even kings migth die like his dad, and the body of Polonius would be under the soil, and be eaten by the worms someday.