With more than 400 film versions of Shakespeare's plays, William Shakespeare is the most filmed author in the world, in any language.For several times, Inanc students had the change to watch some great adaptions of William Shakespeare's plays on the white screen. Some were faithful to the original text and while the others were adaptions of creative minds.

Movies about "Romeo and Juliet"Edit

Romeo+Juliet (1996)Edit

Director: Baz Luhrmann

Writers: William Shakespeare (play)

Craig Pearce (screenplay)

Baz Luhrmann (screenplay)


  • Romeo: Leonardo Di Caprio
  • Juliet: Claire Danes
  • Tybalt: John Leguizama
  • Mercutio: Harold Perrineau
  • Father Laurence: Pete Postlethwaite
  • Fulgencio Capulet: Paul Sorvino
  • Ted Montague: Brian Dennehy
  • Dave Paris: Paul Rudd
  • Benvolio: Dash Mihok
  • Gloria Capulet: Diane Venora
  • Caroline Montague: Christina Pickles

Movies about "Hamlet"Edit

Hamlet (1996)Edit

Director: Kenneth Branagh

Writers: William Shakespeare (play)

Kenneth Branagh (screenplay)

Cast (Major Characters):

Hamlet: Kenneth Branagh

Ophelia: Kate Winslet

Polonius: Richard Briers

Gertrude: Julie Christie

Laertes: Michael Maloney

Horatio: Nicholos Farrell

Claudius: Derek Jacobi

Hamlet (2000)Edit

Director: Michael Almereyda

Writers: William Shakespeare (play)

Michael Almereyda (screenplay)

Cast (Major Characters):

Hamlet: Ethan Hawke

Ophelia: Julia Stiles

Polonius: Bill Murray

Gertrude: Diane Venora

Laertes: Liev Schreiber

Horatio: Karl Geary

Claudius: Kyle MacLachlan

Hamlet (1990)Edit

Director: Franco Zeffirelli

Writers: William Shakespeare (play)

Christopher De Vore (screenplay)

Cast (Major Characters):

Hamlet: Mel Gibson

Ophelia: Helena Bonham Carter

Polonius: Ian Holm

Gertrude: Glenn Close

Laertes: Nathaniel Parker

Horatio: Stephen Dillane

Claudius: Alan Bates