Works full of cliché or brightness of mind?Edit

Reading pieces of authors like Shakespeare, Asimov, and Dostoyevsky bring up a question in many minds, making the reader feel in a great contradiction: Are these themes clichés?

A fact must be stable in the reader’s mind while opening the cover of Romeo&Juliet: Probably more than half of the love stories you’ve ever heard, the love poems your boyfriend has ever written/read to you, and all of the girls talking to a boy from a balcony had a part of Romeo & Juliet in it. You’ve actually read these books for many times. You just weren’t aware of it, and the language was just simplified. It is really like reading an Asimov novel: All of those robots, galaxies and new technologies sound really boring, right? The fact is that Asimov was the very first person to write about those things, being courageous enough to express those ideas, IS CRUCIAL. KEEP IT IN MIND.

Reading and understanding Shakespeare becomes easier with the clichés, because you are automatically reading with a serious amount of background knowledge about the concepts. On the other hand, it is really hard, because you never tried to understand those concepts so deeply, they were just in the advertisements and you didn’t give a shit.