The famous play Hamlet: The Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare has multiple major themes but the most effective one is the theme of uncertainty. And that theme brings questions with itself, questions in the play and questions of audience about the play, even the play starts with a question: ‘Who’s there' and it makes reader to feel the uncertainty from the beginning. And questions continue to come with uncertainty. For example, the women’s role in the play, think of Gertrude the Queen does she know the truth about death of King Hamlet? Does she marry with her husband’s brother because Denmark needs a king or she loves him? That’s not clear. Because Gertrude's role is not clear audience asks questions and brings new interpretations to the play, performs Gertrude in different ways. The other major female character, Ophelia, is she a young lady or a little girl? Does she understand Hamlet’s word games? ‘Do you think I meant country matters? / I think nothing my lord’ (Hamlet). In that scene does she understand that the dialogue is being intensely sexual? Not clear. As it is seen, theme of uncertainty opens new doors for questions and interpretations.