Illustration of the interior of The Globe Theatre mid

The Globe theatre was built in 1599, in London. The building was generally associated with William Shakespeare and his playing company. William Shakespeare staged nearly all of his plays on the Globe. The Globe was originally built by the Lord Chamberlain's Men. The Globe is known as the most famous Elizabethan theatre and today, people generally refer it as the Shakespearean Globe. Original buildig was burned down on 29 June 1613 and on 1614 a second Globe Theatre was built on the same area. First Globe Theatre was accidentally set on fire during a performance of Henry VIII.

It was designed as a typcial Shakespearean theatre. Even though not one inside picture of the original Globe Theatre was found in the records, the pictures of some similar theatres like The Swan was present and people were able to predict the inside structure of The Globe from the pictures of other theatres like The Swan. The most interesting fact about The Globe is that, it was not only a theatre which only showed plays but also a brothel and gambling house. People often thought that it was the biggest theatre in London and had the capacity of accomodating nearly 2000 people.