The well-known play Hamlet:The Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare lodges many literal techniques such as soliloquys which is talking on the scene alone and not adressing anyone in the play. The first soliloquy by Prince Hamlet the reader meets is right after the scene that king, queen and Prince Hamlet talks after the King Hamlet’s death. In that soliloquy Prince Hamlet talks about the death and he is being suicidal. During the play he is obssessed with death. He is interested in the physical and spiritual meaning of death. He wants to suicide but the thought of being rotten after a while and the religious obstacle that does not let him to suicide, that stops him.

Beside Prince Hamlet’s suicidal attitudes, there is no certain time in the play. During the soliloquy Hamlet gives two different times for his father’s death. ‘But two months dead-nay, not so much not two’ and ‘A little month, or ere those shoes were old...’ shows that how the play is being incorsistent about the time. Actually this continues during the play and it encourages the theme of uncertainty and leaves questions in reader’s minds.