The years 1558-1603 are called the Elizabethan Era, which follows the Tudor Period and comes before the Stuart Period. It is called so because the monarch was the Queen Elizabeth 1 back then.This period seems to be the golden age of the English Reinassence. Even though England was not the best in military, many researches and explorations was made in this period. It can be said that it was the climax of the development and growth in England before the Industrial Revolution. Education, literature, science, music, and social studies changed a lot in a positive way that would feed the modern English culture.

Many of the events were called as “ElizabethanTheatre”, “Elizabethan Arts” etc. that carries the adjective “Elizabethan” before it. There were many festivals, games, sports, plays, theather in this period. Theather develop a lot so that the entertainment in that era was on top compared to the other eras in England. Shakespeare had contributed a lot to the Elizabethan era with his plays, sonnets, poems etc. that broke the former habits and rules in English culture. Therefore Shakespeare can be called as an Elizabethan craftsman. The coming eras in England was influenced form what had happened and who lived in Elizabethan Era. Since Shakespeare was born in 1564 and died in 1616 he is called as the master of theather in the Elizabethan Era.