Both this title and the situation need to be improved. Donating probably will not help.

In a survey done by Mehmet Yavuz Acikalin to numerous students from different grades and classes in TEVITOL, a question asked the percentage of understanding of the words spoken in the play by the individuals. The results showed great variety, from %2 to %96, but the mean of the results was %28, which is a significantly low number. A student, in his additional comment below the survey questionnaire, expressed his feelings by the following words: “A boy (Ali Dusunen) in A Midsummer Night's Dream felt into the baby pool last year. This year, another girl (Derya Kamal) in Hamlet did the same thing in a different way. Even though I didn’t really understand what was the reason for any of them, I suppose this is a Shakespearean tradition.” Here is another additional comment that expresses the perception of another student: “The Romeo and Juliet song was a really good idea. I really liked the ‘The rice was strong that you were wrong’ part of the lyrics of the Dire Straits song.”

Conclusively, it is hard to infer a clear solution to this situation from the results of this survey. Show must go on.