Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream was performed by Inanc students on spring of 2007. This was a production of the English drama club (a.k.a. Club 81), which was supervised by Nancy Aitcheson and Patrick Bredehoft, who were new to the school back then. From freshmen to seniors, the cast was extremely diverse and a lot of fun as well. The production received great attention from the school community and was loved by everyone.


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It's show time...

General PlotEdit

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What We Did Differently...Edit

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Our exuberant and awesomely super cast was chosen very carefully.

The Supernatural Characters (Fairies)Edit

Oberon (King of Fairies): Xelef Botan

Titania (Queen of Fairies): Ozden Onturk

Puck (Robin Goodfellow, Servant to Oberon): Melih Cokaygil
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Titania and her fairies giving some love to Nick Bottom...

Titania’s fairy servants:

  • Peaseblossom: Ecem Naz Boyacioglu
  • Cobweb: Ece Kocak
  • Mustardseed: Bike Oner

The AtheniansEdit

Theseus (Duke of Athens): Dogan Dalay

Hippolyta (Queen to the Amazons and brothed of Theseus): Aysu Damar

Egeus: Doruk Erduran

Lysander (Beloved of Hermia): Emir Ildiz

Hermia (Beloved of Lysander): Elifsah Arli

Demetrius (In love with Helena): Ali Dusunen

Helena (in love with Demetrius): Ece Ozalp

The Mechanicals Edit

Peter Quince (Carpenter who leads the group): Nur Banu Ozkut

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Last minute preparations of the Fairies: Mustardseed, Oberon, Puck, Cobweb and Titania...

Nick Bottom (weaver, he plays Pyramus in the play "Pyramus and Thisbee" and gets a donkey head put on by Puck. Titania magically falls in love with him): Serhat Tan

Francis Flute (the bellows-mender who plays Thisbe): Alper Dikmen

Robin Starveling (the tailor who plays Moonshine): Yasemin Ozdemir

Tom Snout (the tinker who also plays the Wall): Irem Serbestsoy

Snug (the joiner who also plays the Lion): Elvan Cavac

Advisers, Directors and All...Edit

Directors: Nancy Aitcheson, Patrick Bredehoft

Fire Tricks Consultant: Ellen Field

Lights and Sounds: Kagan Korkmaz

Soundtrack of the PerformanceEdit

  1. Baba O'Riley / The Who
  2. Here Comes the Sun / The Beatles
  3. Moondance / Van Morrison
  4. Blame It On the Boogie / Michael Jackson (r.i.p.)