To be or not to be... Hamlet, The Prince of Denmark, is the longest play of William Shakespeare. Because the story of Hamlet was known for hundreds of years and was written before Shakespeare ever wrote it, the quality of the play must be not because of the context, but because of the stylistic choices of Shakespeare that leads to the complexity of the play. By complexity, I mean the plenty of ways that Hamlet can be played and ample interpretations about characters. Because he does not fill in all the blanks, the characters can be played in many different ways. For example, in one play, Gertrude is portrayed as the smart but guilty queen, in another one, she is too dumb to realize what’s going on. In addition, the character of Hamlet might be playing “mad”, or he might be really mad. It really depends to the reader how to interpret Shakespeare’s lines and maybe that’s why this play is so popular. Maybe it’s because many people can find the answers that they are looking for by filling in those blanks, or because it gives to the reader the opportunity to lead the play and at the same time appreciate Shakespeare’s genius.