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Welcome to Shakespeare at TEVITOL!

'"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts."

~William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Shakespeare at TEVITOL is a collaborative website for English students at TEV Inanc High School in Turkey.

This site represents the collection of knowledge about all topics related to the study of Shakespeare at the school: literature, history, writing, tragedy, romance, drama, and the seven mysteries of life.

Write well, and enjoy!

An Introduction to the Bard

Shakespeare's work is sometimes regarded as being very distant from today's world, or only accessible to British drama majors who like to cross-dress. We at TEVITOL think differently.

One of the reasons people continue to teach, perform, film, adapt, and acknowledge Shakespeare's plays is that his work still reflects the way we experience the world today. Shakespeare may write about kings, queens, witches, ghosts, sword fights, and murder most foul, but he also writes about each of us. His plays are filled with smart, idealistic teenagers, adults who think they know everything, people who are kind, people who are cruel, dirty jokes, wild fantasies, terrible nightmares, and beautifully-rendered language. People in Shakespeare doubt themselves, pursue their passions, and question the world around them. They take risks, they make mistakes, and more than anything, they learn from their experiences. We hope this page will give you the opportunity to do likewise.

Please feel free to explore the pages that exist on this Wiki, adding new information (or correcting old errors) as you go. Your contributions will make the lives of future TEVITOL students easier, and you will be helping to ensure that what is great in Shakespeare continues to be of benefit to future students and teachers.

The New News

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