Shakespeare probably has a problem with his mother since because the affect of a mother figure , which is created in detail and can be seen in some of his famous plays such as “Hamlet” and “Romeo and Juliet” Even of the core of both of the treagedies may seem the tragic flaws of the main characters, in the background, the triggering factor is actually the mothers in these tragedies. In “Hamlet” the mother figure, who can be interpreted in two different ways, causes King Hamlet’s death with Cladious which is the reason behind Hamlet’s hysteric behaviours throughout the play. She has got an invisible repression on Hamlet (sometimes it’s interpreted as her sexuality, Oedipus complex) which leads Hamlet’s decisions. This effective mother can also be seen in “Romeo and Juliet”. Juliet’s mother, who is a bridge between Juliet’s father and Juliet, has a visible repression this time, which leads Juliet’s actions and also the flow of the story.

Beside the main woman characters in Shakespeare plays, the other woman character, such as mothers, are also prtrayed as equal as a father, sometimes more effective than a father and the inner world of a woman which is generally pressed between powerful male figures is reflected.