Shakespeare plays are generally can be played in lots of different ways, especially the interperations of the main characters change a lot. The preference belongs to the director of the lay.Shakespeare adresses different kinds of audience,such as misogynists, or feminists; religious people, or atheist ones etc. Even if he writes his tragedies which is counted in classical theatre, actually there are lots of techniques he uses in his plays, which can be seen as a property of modern theatre such as little metaficitonal plays in his little plays, the ways he makes the actors or actresses to talk about their own “acting”, his satirical voice generally given by the main character. His main characters are not figures created as an example, who is filled with virtues. For example, when we look at the character “Hamlet”, we see he is interpreted in two different ways, he may be crazy or he may be a melancholic young boy. He’s really disturbed by the dishonesty and disloyalty which is going on in Denmark and he sees revenge as a purpose of life, however actually Shakespare teases with his own character to make him seen as coward, who uses religion as an excuse not to kill. Or Romeo, from “ Romeo and Juliet”, is actually a fool lover, which is fall in love with the love itself. One of the properties of Hamlet is that the characters generally have wrong conclusions from the consequences. Shakespeare’s plays are also sometimes misunderstood in popular culture.