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Virginibus PuerisqueEdit

As I was searching the internet, I found a book called “Virginibus Puerisque”. Virginibus Puerisque means "for boys and girls" in Latin. As I was reading its first pages, I noticed a very interesting point on Shakespeare’s work that I have never noticed before. In classes we discuss how we can even relate to the issues dealt in the book nowadays. We had previously said how the issues that are discussed in Hamlet such as death, suicide, incest, will of power and/or money were present nowadays—which made Shakespeare’s works timeless. However I noticed, with the help of this book, that the approach to marriage is different. At Shakespeare’s time, marriage was rushed into. For example Romeo and Juliet, Hero and Claudio. There seems to be less hesitation for marriage in Shakespeare’s time, and the hesitation present in the book was not of a serious kind—more of a laughing sort.

Maybe the fact is that we are more afraid of marriage than our ancestors were. Google the book if you are curious about it, but I should warn you that the book is very long—but funny. He says marriage is less of a danger for women since it opens her much for life “puts her in the way of so much more freedom and usefulness, that, whether she marry ill or well, she can hardly miss some benefit.”�

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