William Shakespeare uses the language to enhance the meaning of the play with puns, rhyme, and double entendres. Another technique that Shakespeare had used to make the meaning deeper and foreshadow the plot of the play in Romeo and Juliet is the parallelism between the characters and the meaning their names.

Benvolio: The origin of the name is Italian and the meaning is “goodwill”. Derived from the Latin words “bene” (good) and “volere”(to wish, to want). Similar to this meaning, Benvolio is the peaceful character of the play. He wants no fight between any members of Montague’s and Capulet’s. He “wishes for the good”.

Tybalt: Tibert -Prince of Cats- also may be originated from “tyrant”(cruel and harsh ruler). In the play, Tybalt looks for a fight and causes cruelty and death with his oppressive actions.

Mercutio: The origin is “corulus”(hazel) and Mercury which also hazel and changeable. Parallel to his name, Mercutio is a changeable and unpredicted character who can easily get angry or extremely happy.

Romeo: The origin is romance and it means a lover, seducer of women. Like the meaning of his name, Romeo is the lover in the play. He falls in love easily and gets passionate in a very little time. His actions depend on his romantic character and emotions rather than his logic.