I think the way Shakespeare provides the tension in the story of “Hamlet” stands out more than his use of figurative language as it could be seen in his other works like “Romeo and Juliet”, “Much Ado About Nothing”, or “Julius Caesar”. It is obvious that he has the abilty to load different meanings into a single word, or a sentence, but the technique he creates to make the readers read the story attracts my attention more than this litereture skilll he has. As it is seen from the first scene of “Hamlet”, he puts lots of questions into the minds of readers, and other than having questions, he begins the story with a peek point, which is the death of King Hamlet. He binds all the points in the story to this death, and the reader is forced to figure out the events, which comes out from King Hamlet’s death. “Why this king died? Who killed him, and why? Does Gertrude love Claudius, or is it all because of the power he continues to have after the death of King Hamlet?” With the twists that Shakespeare makes, and all the transitions between the characters, and the events, he gets the attraction of the readers at the peek point.