Hamlet by William Shakespeare is considered to be a meta-play with meta-theatre, meta-language, and other techniques and ideas those are beyond their meaning and usage.

In Hamlet, there is a play within a play. When the players arrive to Denmark’s castle, Hamlet talks to the players to make his plan –the mousetrap- work. The first play is Hamlet’s idea presented to King and Queen by the actors in the play Hamlet(whisch is the second), the third play is the book, Hamlet, itself. Shakespeare takes the reader to a fiction that is has many layers in it.

Before the “Mousetrap”, when Hamlet sees the actor who cries for Hecuba, he asks himself: how could that actor looked in grief more than him, although he was not acting but the player did. A real actor, who acts Hamlet says that he is not acting and this technique invites the wievers to see Hamlet real, non-fictional by taking attention to the meta-acting and realistic scene.

Just before the play in Hamlet, in the dialogue between Hamlet and Polonius Hamlet asks Polonius what he has played in the university, and Polonius asnwers him: “I did enact Julius Caesar. I was killed i'th'Capitol. Brutus killed me.” (act3, scene2). By metafiction, a character created by Shakespeare refers to his another play by destroying the line between reality and Shakespeare’s works.