Women characters in Shakespeare's works are weak. They are shown as a sex object or a love machine. For instance, in Romeo and Julie

A woman

t, Juliet is shown as she forgets everything after she falls in love with Romeo. She does not carry about her family and thinks about killing herself if she is not able to be Romeo’s. For taking Romeo back and protecting him, Juliet dares to drink a thing which gives her to sleep for a day and shows her as a dead person. For Juliet, having sex with someone is the impossible thing, and in a way the aim of life. On the other hand, in Hamlet Ophelia is miserable about her love for Hamlet. She is not able to stand to be without Hamlet. But while creating a view of Ophelia, there is another effect to be Ophelia in that way: Polonius and Laertes. When they have conversation with Ophelia, all the time the toxic of the conversation is about sex and love. Even though the aim is protecting Ophelia, she becomes nearer to be in love with Hamlet after every conversation. The reason why Shakespeare shows women in this way could be the status of women in Shakespeare’s time, and he reflects the dramatic life and properties of women in his works.