Hamlet: The major character in the play and the Prince of Denmark. Hamlet is son of the Queen (Gertrude) and the death King Hamlet, and nephew of the King Polonius. His best friend is Horatio and trusts him more than anything. Also, readers can trust him too because he is the only character does not lie or hide something. Time concept in the play is ambiguous. Therefore, age of Hamlet is unknown in the play. Also, Hamlet is in different ages in the movies too. His emotional properties are melancholy, sad, ambitious and depressive. His tragic flaw is he thinks on his plan to kill Claudius but he can’t put into in an action.

Horatio:Hamlet’s best friend and Horatio studied in Wittenburg with Hamlet. Horatio knows top secrets of Hamlet like the plan to kill Claudius.

The Ghost:Hamlet’s death father, Gertrude’s ex-husband and Claudius’s brother. He is poisoned from his ear when he is sleeping in the garden. He is purgatory and communicates with Hamlet to help killing Claudius. Then, he will be available to go to heaven or to hell.

Ophelia:Polonius’s daughter and Laertes’s sister. Ophelia has an emotional contact with Hamlet but Hamlet does not respond her love after middle of the play. She lives under the authority of his father, Polonius. Also, the level of the relation between Hamlet and Ophelia is obscure. They could have sex and Ophelia might be pregnant but they are only possibilities.

Polonius:Father of Laertes and Ophelia. He works for Claudius and suck up Claudius.

Claudius:The ghost’s brother, Hamlet’s uncle and Gertrude’s husband. He suffers because of being the murderer of his brother, King Hamlet. He is in dirty sexual relation with Gertrude and Hamlet tells Gertrude married with Claudius for dirty satisfaction.

Gertrude:Hamlet’s mother, King Hamlet’s ex-wife and Claudius’s wife. Gertrude is a second person in the play. He is like a shadow behind the man authority.

Laertes:Polonius’s son and Ophelia’s brother. He spends much of his time in France during the play. He does not like Hamlet because Hamlet is in a relation with Ophelia. There might be an incest between Ophelia and Laertes.

Fortinbras:The prince of Norway. King Hamlet killed his father, Fortinbras. He wants to kill Hamlet and take charge of Denmark.

Rosencratz and Guildenstern:Hamlet’s friends from Wittenburg. Claudius calls them to watch out Hamlet’s strange behaviors.

Marcellus and Bernardo:The soldiers who see the ghost first time in the play.

Francisco:A soldier at Elsinore.

Reynaldo:Polonius’s servant. Reynaldo went Paris behind Laertes to check him under Claudius’s order.

Osric:The courtier.