In the soliloquy, where Hamlet talks about Claudius, and his mother getting married, and his puzzled thoughts about this issue occurs after King Hamlet’s death, there are many different points to touch on. Other than Hamlet’s suicidal thoughts, and attempts included in the soliloquy, misagony he explains is important to figure out the general idea of this speech, and to understand how Hamlet feels for his mother\women in general. As the speech goes by, he always talks about how bad, and sad he feels for this marriage, and he tries to find a remedy from all these problems he is facing against. But I think the part, where he says “Frailty, thy name is woman.” clearly explains the loath, and anger rise up in him against his mother, or the whole women population in general. He cannot accept the idea that his mum could marry with hi s uncle even only a month passes after King Hamlet’s death. Moreover, Hamlet calls his mum as “a beast”, which is another example of the disgust and hatred he felt for his mum. He humiliates all the women because of the attitude of his mum, and he believes that most of the woman has this hypotrical part in their nature.